Gamblin Conservation Newsletter No. 3 – Winter 2008 Special Offer

Each year as I travel and see how they perform, I gain more confidence in Gamblin Conservation Colors.

A decade ago when I started making my Conservation Colors I relied on museum conservators to recommend them to others. Now, thanks to those recommendations, conservators in a few hundred museums around the world regularly use them.

Seeing my Colors used to make elegant restorations of great masterpieces is still a thrill. Lately, though, I’ve been fielding questions about using the colors to restore photography, furniture, and other objects. That prompted me to introduce them to conservators and restorers in private practice.

SampleTrayI want to show them to you rather than just tell you about them and I puzzled over how to do that. My solution was to make sample sets using an old water color trick. By allowing the solvent to evaporate, I can send six colors to you in the US Mail. Just re-wet the colors with mineral spirits or isopropanol. I also include a small sample of the aldehyde resin I use as binder so you can see the pure clarity of it and make a small sample as a varnish if you wish.

The pigments are lightfast so your restoration work will have the stability these pigments have exhibited after extensive testing.

If you would like to try my Colors send an email to [email protected] with your name and address and I will send you a sample tray. If you would like me to send a sample to an associate, please also send his/her name and address.

Paint JarGamblin Conservation Colors are sold in 1 oz jars. To learn more, including technical information, color chart, and how to order, click on the links below:

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Winter 2008

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