Newsletter Number Five: Fall 2011 – New Articles, New Size, New Stores

New Articles

bedroomThe biggest thrill of being your color maker is when we have the rare opportunity to visit conservation studios and see a significant painting getting some of our color as part of its restoration.

Proud and humble are the two primary emotions we feel. We want to shout from the rooftops, “___________’s ___________ is getting some of our color!” OK, maybe not so humble, but what a thrill!

We of course do no such thing; we keep strict confidence about all we are allowed to see back stage behind the curtain. But on the occasion when this information becomes public we would like to pass it on.

Two articles have recently been published that feature the use of our colors:

Ella Hendriks, Senior Conservator at the Van Gogh Museum has written about the use of our colors in the restoration of Van Gogh’s The Bedroom.

burnsThe contribution to the project by Roy Berns of the Rochester Institute of Technology is also described. He applied the color mixing program based on spectral data developed in his laboratory, the Munsell Color Science Laboratory. The program produces a recommendation of percentages of Gamblin Conservation Colors to create a specific color match.

Roy has also used this tool to help us with a series of complex color matches for a US client of ours. The program saved me hours of color mixing work.

matchThe other article is by Jill Dunkerton, Senior Restorer National Gallery London. Her article, Retouching with Gamblin Conservation Colors, appears in the publication:

I was very pleased and appreciative to see this article published since it can be of tremendous help to restorers and conservators in the process of making a switch to Gamblin Conservation Colors from other color systems. She discusses in detail her switch from using Paraloid B-72 to GCC describing the challenges of a number of specific paintings. Thank you Jill!

New Size

jarsOver the years we have had requests for our color in a much larger size, so all colors are now available in a 175 ml. jar. We want to provide you with the freshest color we can, so stores will not be stocking this size. All colors in this size are stocked in the factory. They will be available to you on a special order basis through your normal source of supply.

New Stores

We are please to announce that our colors are now being stocked in a number of new stores in Europe. The complete list of stores selling our colors is located on our Store List.

CTS – In addition to the CTS stores in Paris and Vicenza our colors are now available throughout the whole CTS family of stores. Here are the new cities:
Italy – Milano, Firenze, Rome, Trevi, Casoria, Catania
Switzerland – Lugano
Spain – Madrid
Romania – Sibiu

Dominique Sennelier and Robert Gamblin

Dominique Sennelier and Robert Gamblin

Also, we are pleased to announce that our colors are now available in Paris at Magasin Sennelier, and in Madrid at Productos de Conservación, S.A.

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