Color Chart and Composition of Colors

 Please note that the color chips you see on your monitor will not exactly match the actual colors.

Composition of Colors


Cadmium Yellow Light: Concentrated cadmium zinc sulfide (PY35)

Cadmium Yellow Medium: Concentrated cadmium sulfide (PY37)

Hansa Yellow Medium: Arylide yellow (PY 74)

Indian Yellow Permanent: Diarylide yellow HR70 (PY83)

Naples Yellow Light: Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow (PY53)

Naples Yellow Deep: Chrome Antimony Titanium Buff (PBr24)


Cadmium Orange: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide (PO20)

Mars Orange: Synthetic red iron oxide (PR101)


Cadmium Red Light: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide (PR108)

Cadmium Red Medium: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide (PR108)

Alizarin Crimson Permanent: Anthraquinone Red (PR177)

Quinacridone Red: Quinacridone red b (PV 19)

Dragon’s Blood (Perylene Red):  Perylene Red (PR149)


Cobalt Violet: Cobalt phosphate (PV 14)

Dioxazine Purple: Carbazol dioxazine (PV 23)

Ultramarine Violet:  Complex silicate of sodium & aluminum with sulfur (PV15)


Ultramarine Blue: Complex silicate of sodium & aluminum with sulfur (PB29)

Cobalt Blue: Oxides of cobalt & aluminum (PB28)

Manganese Blue:  Barium manganate (PB33)

Prussian Blue: Ferri-ammonium ferrocyanide (PB27:1)

Phthalo Blue: Copper phthalocyanine (PB15:2)


Viridian: Hydrated chromium oxide (PG18)

Cobalt Green: Oxides of cobalt & zinc (PG19)

Chromium Oxide Green: Chromium oxide green (PG 17)

Permanent Green Light: Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine (PG7), Diarylide yellow HR70 (PY83)

Phthalo Green: Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine (PG7)


Transparent Earth Yellow: Transparent Mars Yellow (PY42)

Transparent Earth Orange: Transparent Mars Yellow, Transparent Mars Red (PY 42, PR 101)

Transparent Earth Red: Transparent Mars Red (PR101)

Transparent Earth Brown: Transparent Mars Red (PR101)


Raw Sienna: Natural iron oxide (PBr7)

Burnt Sienna: Calcined natural iron oxide (PBr7)

Raw Umber: Natural iron oxide containing manganese (PBr7)

Burnt Umber: Calcined natural iron oxide containing manganese (PBr7)

Greenish Umber: Natural iron oxide containing manganese (PBr7), hydrated chromium oxide (PG18)

Brown Madder Alizarin Permanent: Calcined natural iron oxide containing manganese, Anthraquinone Red (PBr7, PR177)

Indian Red: Synthetic red iron oxide (PR101)

Venetian Red: Synthetic red iron oxide (PR 101)

Yellow Ochre: Natural hydrated iron oxide (PY43)


Ivory Black: Bone black (PBk9)

Lamp Black: Carbon black (PBk7)

Black Spinel: Copper chromite black spinel (PBk28)

Titanium White:  Titanium dioxide (PW6)

Cremnitz White: Lead Carbonate (PW1)

Extender White: Calcium carbonate (PW 18)

All colors are made from a Laropal A-81 (BASF) resin and solvent solution, and the pigments listed.    Modern organic pigments contain alumina hydrate to properly adjust tinting strength for better working properties.

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