This, along with the ability to install and manage third-party applications directly from the Ledger Live desktop app, adds a lot of convenience and makes it really superior in the domain of cold wallets.

Color Chart and Composition of Colors

 Please note that the color chips you see on your monitor will not exactly match the actual colors.

Composition of Colors


Cadmium Yellow Light: Concentrated cadmium zinc sulfide (PY35)

Cadmium Yellow Medium: Concentrated cadmium sulfide (PY37)

Hansa Yellow Medium: Arylide yellow (PY 74)

Indian Yellow Permanent: Diarylide yellow HR70 (PY83)

Naples Yellow Light: Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow (PY53)

Naples Yellow Deep: Chrome Antimony Titanium Buff (PBr24)


Cadmium Orange: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide (PO20)

Mars Orange: Synthetic red iron oxide (PR101)


Cadmium Red Light: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide (PR108)

Cadmium Red Medium: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide (PR108)

Alizarin Crimson Permanent: Anthraquinone Red (PR177)

Quinacridone Red: Quinacridone red b (PV 19)

Dragon’s Blood (Perylene Red):  Perylene Red (PR149)


Cobalt Violet: Cobalt phosphate (PV 14)

Dioxazine Purple: Carbazol dioxazine (PV 23)

Ultramarine Violet:  Complex silicate of sodium & aluminum with sulfur (PV15)


Ultramarine Blue: Complex silicate of sodium & aluminum with sulfur (PB29)

Cobalt Blue: Oxides of cobalt & aluminum (PB28)

Manganese Blue:  Barium manganate (PB33)

Prussian Blue: Ferri-ammonium ferrocyanide (PB27:1)

Phthalo Blue: Copper phthalocyanine (PB15:2)


Viridian: Hydrated chromium oxide (PG18)

Cobalt Green: Oxides of cobalt & zinc (PG19)

Chromium Oxide Green: Chromium oxide green (PG 17)

Permanent Green Light: Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine (PG7), Diarylide yellow HR70 (PY83)

Phthalo Green: Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine (PG7)


Transparent Earth Yellow: Transparent Mars Yellow (PY42)

Transparent Earth Orange: Transparent Mars Yellow, Transparent Mars Red (PY 42, PR 101)

Transparent Earth Red: Transparent Mars Red (PR101)

Transparent Earth Brown: Transparent Mars Red (PR101)


Raw Sienna: Natural iron oxide (PBr7)

Burnt Sienna: Calcined natural iron oxide (PBr7)

Raw Umber: Natural iron oxide containing manganese (PBr7)

Burnt Umber: Calcined natural iron oxide containing manganese (PBr7)

Greenish Umber: Natural iron oxide containing manganese (PBr7), hydrated chromium oxide (PG18)

Brown Madder Alizarin Permanent: Calcined natural iron oxide containing manganese, Anthraquinone Red (PBr7, PR177)

Indian Red: Synthetic red iron oxide (PR101)

Venetian Red: Synthetic red iron oxide (PR 101)

Yellow Ochre: Natural hydrated iron oxide (PY43)


Ivory Black: Bone black (PBk9)

Lamp Black: Carbon black (PBk7)

Black Spinel: Copper chromite black spinel (PBk28)

Titanium White:  Titanium dioxide (PW6)

Cremnitz White: Lead Carbonate (PW1)

Extender White: Calcium carbonate (PW 18)

All colors are made from a Laropal A-81 (BASF) resin and solvent solution, and the pigments listed.    Modern organic pigments contain alumina hydrate to properly adjust tinting strength for better working properties.

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